greatness awaits

November 19, 2020


call to arms

2020 has proved an epic odyssey. You’ve battled monster challenges with rapier-like strategies. You’ve marched through the dark unknown without letting the flames of creativity die within. And you’ve taken the field, at least in part, wearing ye olde pajamas. Now, brave marketing warriors—step up and claim the glory that your hard-fought efforts have won.

The Lantern Awards

of Texas

stuff of legends

In the days of yore, when one’s mobile phone resembled thine block of building stone, the ANA Lantern Awards of Texas were born. The quest: knighting top-quality creative and strategic business-to-business marketing communications across the land. Today it wears the crown among marketing honours, and we invite you to join in this most hallowed celebration as a guest of the court.

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entry deadline

October 2, 2020


event date & location

November 19, 2020
The Ballroom at Bayou Place

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